Welcome to CEED!

CEED is a registered 501 (c) (3) faith-based nonprofit organization that provides pragmatic economic development solutions and free micro-enterprise/small business assistance to underserved and disadvantaged entrepreneurs, businesses and communities in the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding region. Our Skills to Wealth Program provides a variety of culturally competent programs and services, primarily serving immigrant, refugee, minority and women-owned businesses. The Skills to Wealth Program includes the following initiatives:

  • Micro-Enterprise/Small Business Technical Assistance
  • Nontraditional Micro-Loan Program
  • Small Business Seminars
  • International Market
  • International Fashion House
  • Immigrant Family Childcare Project

CEED’s proven track record working with Pittsburgh area small businesses has shown that if underserved and disadvantaged small business owners have access to direct pragmatic entrepreneurial assistance and support, they are able to develop, grow and sustain the small businesses needed for economic growth, job creation and community transformation.

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